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CBD + THC Infused Honey

Water Soluble & Nanonized

In collaboration with the Gnomes at OhmGnomes, we have launched the cleanest, most effective, and tastiest Hemp & Fruit Infused Honey on the market! Utilizing the newest technologies in Cannabis, we have specially crafted a product that can sweeten up any drink, dessert, or any other fun creation while providing a consistent taste of relief and wellness!

Find your flavor and function of Honey below in either Full Spectrum CBD options or Full Spectrum THC options.

Water Soluble + Nano
Full Spectrum CBD
Honey - 5 Flavors

• 125mg Full Spectrum CBD per jar
• 10-20 Servings per Jar
• 1-2 tsp per serving
• As low as $2.25/serving
• 6-12.5mg CBD per serving

Choose Between:
Strawberry Blonde, Blue Dream, Oregon Peach Pie, Orange Creamsicle, & Wedding Cake

Water Soluble + Nano
Full Spectrum THC
Honey - 2 Flavors

• 50mg Total THC = 25mg ∆9 + 25mg ∆8 THC
• 20 Servings per Jar
• 1 tsp per serving
• As low as $2.75/serving
• 2.5mg THC per serving

Choose Between:
Strawberry Fields & Birthday Cake

Product Highlights


Water Soluble (1).jpg

Water Soluble + Nano Infused

We use a 100% Water Soluble & Nanonized Hemp Based Extract to infuse our line of CBD & THC Honey! This means not only is this extract typically more bioavailable or absorbable for a user but also it will fully dissolve into any beverage completely! No more oil separating and floating to the top or nasty oil tastes tainting your beverage - now you get clean, consistent relief in every dose!


Freeze Dried Fruit Infused

We infuse REAL USDA Organic Certified Freeze Dried Fruit Powders into our honey that have gone through stringent processes to ensure they are grown and processed utilizing the highest standards of farming and manufacturing. Our powders are sourced Farm Direct when possible!


All of our inputs are 3rd party tested for contaminants and residual pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Fruit Powder.jpg


Bees and Bluebonnets.jpg

Central Texas Wildflower Honey

Our partners over at Goodflow Honey have contracted with Central Texas apiaries for about 30 years to provide a rich array of Texas specific honey varietals rich in pollens that strengthen and support our immune systems to seasonal allergies and other ailments! We specifically use Goodflow Honey because of the high ethical standards the company demonstrates when it comes to beekeeping, high vibe company culture, and product consistency.


Propylene Glycol Free Flavors

We strictly avoid using Propylene Glycol based natural flavors! Our products only use fruit and herbal extracts with an alcohol or other clean natural solvent or solventless base. We avoid highly toxic and controversial compounds like Propylene Glycol (PG), a synthetic nervine used in rat poison and most sparkling waters, that most "natural flavors" utilize. 

All of our natural flavors are based in either an Alcohol, CO2, or Ultrasonic extraction methodology to ensure you only consume the cleanest inputs available for your overall wellness! All extractions are tested for any harmful solvents and contaminants by 3rd party labs.

Propylene Glycol Free2 (1).jpg


Central Texas Honey, Freeze Dried Fruit Powders*, Natural Fruit Extracts*, Industrial Hemp Extract**
*= Organic
**= Conta
ins Coconut Oil

Sweeten Everything with Honey:

What can't you sweetly infuse?

Infuse Lattes, Lemonades, Desserts, & more!

Who is Radix House?

Radix Black Logo.png

Get to Know Us

We are combination of Coffee Shop & Hemp Dispensary in South Austin, Tx established in 2020. At Radix House, we believe the blending of amazing coffee & incredible hemp derived CBD creates a cozy safe space for our community to open up the conversation around Mental Health & Suicide Prevention. Normalizing challenging conversations on this topic is our goal and we strive to do so through education, creating safe space, casting no judgement, & providing clean, effective products. We are here to support you on your journey towards overall wellness and relief! With every cup we support PTSD treatment and research in Texas through organizations like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

At Radix House we are much more than just coffee, we are a community supporting each other to find relief one day at a time. Come visit us in Austin, Tx and join our journey to grow this community and to spread peace, love, and coffee!

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